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This site is still under development - please bear with us while we get up to speed. Do contact us anyway if you have any queries - it's still business as usual in the background!

Popular selling models
The versatile double Aerius II 545 series kayaks are the biggest sellers in Europe. These kayaks are also designed to be used as a single seater too - the solo seat position is well balanced to paddle solo. These kayaks are roomy, with plently of internal storage space for that weekend trip up to serious multi-day expeditions. You can even opt for a 3rd seat for a small child!

Time saving simple clip lock system
These world famous range of Klepper folding kayaks all use the unique, simple to use
'Slide and Snap' clip lock assembly, which requires no tools at all. From the carry bags to the water, on average, takes just 15 minutes!

Website information
We will shortly be updating the website with more information and fill in the gaps with more accessories and other key pages. Do email us if you have any queries now. After all, we prefer a chat to determine your best needs before you place your order.

Quotes and ordering
Due to exchange rate fluctuations and the large number of available items listed on this site, do contact us directly for the best prices.

Options - Rudder sets & Foot rests

Some important things to consider when ordering your kayak.....

Rudder sets - pedals, control cables and rudder blade - are not included as standard with any of the kayak models. For most flat water paddling with gentle turns, rudder sets are usually not neccessary.

There are two sizes of rudder blades - Standard and Comfort, and two types of rudder pedal assemblies - Clamp and Rail.

Rudder sets - Standard & Comfort
Rudder sets includes a free swinging rudder blade with a sturdy mounted control head, rudder pin, rudder pedals, rudder control cables, and a pick-up line for lifting and lowering the rudder blade whilst seated. For all models except the Smartline Alu 490.

Rudder blades - Standard & Comfort
Standard rudder blades is suitable for flat water, while the longer and narrower Comfort blades is suitable for sailing and off-shore paddling.
The Comfort rudder blade goes 8 cm deeper into the water than the standard blade - particularly useful in high waves. Both types of rudder blades can be raised out of the water via a rudder lifting cable.

Rudder pedal attachment system - Clamp & Rail
There are two types of rudder pedal assemblies - the part that attaches rudder pedals to the floor keelboard - Clamp and Rail. The guide rail is the standard fitting - fitted to the kayak's keelboard regardless even if you do not order a rudder set. On the Aerius II 545 and 585 kayaks with 3-4 seats, the rudder pedal floor attachment is set for the front paddler.

Standard rudder system

Comfort rudder system
Rudder pedal - Rail
The pedal unit is bolted to a guide rail fixed centrally on the keelboard in a similar way to the seat guide rails. Recommended for the Aerius I 490 and the Aerius II 545.

Rudder pedal - Clamps
The pedal unit is clamped to guide rails affixed to the edges of the central keelboard. Recommended for all model kayaks.

Foot rests
Optional extra. There are no foot rests supplied as standard. May be useful when paddling solo without using a rudder, or for the paddling partner to use.

Foot rests uses the same keel board attachment system as the rudder pedals - Rail or Clamp.

Rudder set Comfort / Clamps - AE I 380, AE I 450, Tramp/Scout

Item number: 0550010
Rudder set Comfort / Clamps - AE II 520, AE II 545, AE II 585 XXL

Please indicate whether the rudder pedals are to be positioned for the front or rear paddler, to ensure correct cable lengths.

Item number: 0520010

Rudder set Comfort / Rail - AE II 545

Please indicate whether the rudder pedals are to be positioned for the front or rear paddler, to ensure correct cable lengths.

Item number: 0560300
Rudder set Standard / Rail - AE I 490 SL

Item number: 0560301

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