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This site is still under development - please bear with us while we get up to speed. Do contact us anyway if you have any queries - it's still business as usual in the background!

Popular selling models
The versatile double Aerius II 545 series kayaks are the biggest sellers in Europe. These kayaks are also designed to be used as a single seater too - the solo seat position is well balanced to paddle solo. These kayaks are roomy, with plently of internal storage space for that weekend trip up to serious multi-day expeditions. You can even opt for a 3rd seat for a small child!

Time saving simple clip lock system
These world famous range of Klepper folding kayaks all use the unique, simple to use
'Slide and Snap' clip lock assembly, which requires no tools at all. From the carry bags to the water, on average, takes just 15 minutes!

Website information
We will shortly be updating the website with more information and fill in the gaps with more accessories and other key pages. Do email us if you have any queries now. After all, we prefer a chat to determine your best needs before you place your order.

Quotes and ordering
Due to exchange rate fluctuations and the large number of available items listed on this site, do contact us directly for the best prices.

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Klepper UK
Klepper Folding Kayaks UK

Administrative office: 11 Carey St, Reading, RG1 7JS, Berkshire

We do not have a permanent showroom at the moment - we organise 'Open Days' at various venues, and will have some model kayaks available to try out on special request.

Mobile: 07875497841
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