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This site is still under development - please bear with us while we get up to speed. Do contact us anyway if you have any queries - it's still business as usual in the background!

Popular selling models
The versatile double Aerius II 545 series kayaks are the biggest sellers in Europe. These kayaks are also designed to be used as a single seater too - the solo seat position is well balanced to paddle solo. These kayaks are roomy, with plently of internal storage space for that weekend trip up to serious multi-day expeditions. You can even opt for a 3rd seat for a small child!

Time saving simple clip lock system
These world famous range of Klepper folding kayaks all use the unique, simple to use
'Slide and Snap' clip lock assembly, which requires no tools at all. From the carry bags to the water, on average, takes just 15 minutes!

Website information
We will shortly be updating the website with more information and fill in the gaps with more accessories and other key pages. Do email us if you have any queries now. After all, we prefer a chat to determine your best needs before you place your order.

Quotes and ordering
Due to exchange rate fluctuations and the large number of available items listed on this site, do contact us directly for the best prices.

Sail Rigs And Outriggers

Sail if you can and paddle if you must” - KLEPPER slogan in the fifties.

There are three types of sails for KLEPPER kayaks: the Freewind (downwind) Drift sail, the upwind S1 sail rig without a gaff, and the S2 sail rig with a gaff. Downwind sail rigs relies on having the wind directly behind you, the upwind sail rigs allows the sails to act as wings and sail in any direction relative to the wind.

With Klepper sails for your Klepper folding kayak, you save a lot of work and energy especially when covering long distances and have the wind against you. The sail rigs are easy to assemble and to manage, even for beginners - you will have astonishingly effective results. Now, with the new reshaped and modernized sails with big windows and super-light fabric you will be even faster on the water.

More and more KLEPPER enthusiasts are using the sail rigs together with the outrigger system because it is extremely stable and almost eliminates capsizing. The outrigger system renders the boat very stable even in rough seas. Our clients state: "With the outrigger system, we can now start sailing, where before we had to stop“. The outrigger system can also be used to assist in re-entering the boat easily. EG when out swimming.

There are sailing accessories available to take your sailing experience to a higher level.

Sail rigs and Sailing accessories
I hoisted a single sail
and peeled off down wind like a rocket.
I feathered the sail back,
trying to head up into the wind.
There was something perversely exhilarating about this situation,
which challenged me
to the limit of my sailing skill.

Howard Rice, Solo Cape Horn Expedition

Sailing system
S2 sail, mast outrigger and Traveller
Freewind Driftsail Sail rig
Weight: 2 kg
The Freewind sail is a driftsail and can only to be used with the wind abaft (downwind - wind behind you). The sail size is 1.5 square meters and with a wind of 2 bft you will get wherever you want to go much faster than you could ever paddle. Assembly takes only about 10 minutes. Before you leave shore, assemble and clamp the sail securely to your KLEPPER kayak, it can be lifted in seconds. Available in white or red-black. Includes sail, adapter for coaming attachment and sheet ropes.
0679 0..
S1 Sail rig
Weight: 7.5 kg.
Contains jib sail, main sail, three-part mast, tree view, leeboard crossbar, and leeboards as well as a sailing bag. The S1 sail is perfect for all single seaters except the Smartline Alu 490. It can also be used for the KLEPPER double seater. With a sail area of approximately 2.5 square meters it is ideal for the KLEPPER Aerius 490, but also for the KLEPPER Aerius 450 and the “little” Tramp/Scout in combination with the outrigger system for a sporting challenge. The S1 sail is available in white, red-black, red-white and blue-white and has a height of 3 meters. Leeboard crossbar and leeboards are included.
0689 0..
S2 Sail rig
Weight: 8 kilograms.
Contains jib sail, main sail, three-part mast, gaff, tree view, leeboard crossbar, and leeboards and a sailing bag. The full S2 sail (formerly S4) has a sail rig of just under 5 square meters, so a boating certificate is not necessary in most countries, but please remember to check the local boating regulations when you travel with your KLEPPER. The S2 is designed for the double seater KLEPPER kayaks and for the 585 XXL, but with the outrigger system this sail rig can also be used with the Aerius 490. Due to the gaff, the top of the sail extends above the top of the mast - to a height of 4.50 meters. We recommend sailing up to a wind speed of 3 bft to a maximum of 3.5 bft. Beyond 3.5 bft, it should only be sailed with the outrigger system. We recommend using the Traveller. The S2 is available in white, red-black, blue-white or red-white and includes a leeboard crossbar and leeboards.
0699 010
KLEPPER Careen Boom - Mast outrigger
The mast outrigger system gives additional lateral stability while sailing. It makes it easier for beginners to learn to sail and also allows experienced sailors to sail at higher speeds.
Comprises of a bracket for mast, special paddle, inflatable float pods.

KLEPPER Careen Boom - Bridge outrigger
The mast outrigger system gives additional lateral stability while sailing. It makes it easier for beginners to learn to sail and also allows experienced sailors to sail at higher speeds.
Comprises of a bridge to hold paddle shafts, special paddle, inflatable float pods. The bridge can be clamped anywhere along the coaming.

Traveller - deck bridge. To enable you to make your own customised bridge to hold cleats, clam cleats, marine compass, etc. Photo is of the underside of the Traveller. The clamps allows you to position the Traveller anywhere along the coaming, regardless of the cockpit width.
0699 050
Sailing seat - to enable you to sit on the coaming whilst sailing and be able to lean over whilst the kayak is tilted due to the wind effect.

The sail seat is placed with the straight edge next to the rear cockpit boomerang piece - the tie-down straps attach to frame #6 on the 2-seaters and to frame #4 on single seaters. (Photo is of the underside)

Item number: 0699 040
Hand tiller - to control the rudder whilst seated on a Hiking Seat. Made of anodized marine grade aluminum tube. Control cables are included and there is sufficent length to cater for all boat models. The tiller unit sits on the rear deck, with the central piece clamped to the boomerang and the strap fastened to the keelboard / cross rib.
0699 300
Jib furling system for S1/S2. You want to roll in and out the foresail of your S1 or S2 easily and quickly? We recommend the rolling foresail. Made of two pieces it can be fastened with a snap-hook at the bow fitting, the lower lash of the sail will be fastened at the safety splint. The upper lash of the sail is fastened to a swivel.

Sailing set - set of equipment to sail with a S1/S2 to the next level. Comprises of Hiking seat, Traveller, and Hand Tiller
Wind Indicator - fits at top of the mast.

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